Top 10 Professional Networking Sites

Are you looking for professional networking sites to get started? Here is the list of top 10 professional networking sites that are making quite a good impression on Indian audience.


What is a Professional Network

Professional networking site in India
Udyomitra is the ultimate professional networking site in India. Connect to professionals and opportunities on Udyomitra professional network.

A professional network is can be said that it is a type of network Mainly focusing on professionals.They can organize professional meetings, Share data through the network.It is light similar to the social networks.The main difference is that it is mainly focusing on the professionals to connect each of them.The professional networks share the professional information and build a community between them. The professional network exploring current industrial trends and new opportunities among the world.Each professional can connect and start new ideas and share among them. This will help to start new projects and a contact each of the.Every professional can share the new opening and recommend their friends.This enables a strong trusted professional way through the network.There is no separation for gender and age.You can connect and build a strong.This network mainly looking for the professional goals, methods and the way of them connected. It provides an ultimate path and opening for professionalism.This network is mainly helping the growth of Business world. Every member in the network with the Business mind.The main aim of the professional network is the help to grow the business world and help to form a community to help professionals.

  1. Linked In

  2. LinkedIn is One of the current trending professional networks.It helps to form large professional networks among the world. Linked in have 467 million accounts in worldwide. Linked in now to share the professional idea among the employees in the world.It provides various services like employee posting, CV sharing, and a lot of services.Linked in providing the professional network services on one website.Linked in was founded on 2002 December 28. and Launched in 2003 May 5. Linked in help to professional to create an account and make connections like social media.Linked in help professional people to create a large professional world and community.Each of the members can share and connect their ideas through linked in.The linked in members can explore the current opening and help to create a new employee opportunities. The users can invite each of them.The LinkedIn now available in 24 languages and this will easy to connect with users all over the world.This is an emerging trend of a network now. In Alexa global ranking, LinkedIn has the 19th position and 11th rank in the US. The LinkedIn mentioned that it is a business and employment-oriented social network. The current CEO of LinkedIn is Jeff Weiner and current headquarter is Mountain view California US.The founders of LinkedIn is Reid Hoffman, Konstantin Guericke, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Allen Blue, Eric Ly.

  3. Meetup

  4. meetup is the trending professional networks in the world. It connects the peoples have same idea and mind.It is said by a professional network but actually, it leads a play role of a social media. But it differs from social medias. It stands for common interest people. The meetup help users to create an account and they can create a group and add users with the same idea. We can convert this to a professional network also. The professional minded peoples can create groups and share ideas. Meet up help to make a meeting with group members in the worldwide.The Meetup was founded by Scott Heiferman and Matt Meeker on 2002. Meetup was designed to make a group to share the common idea and help to meet up them. Meetup is completely free and no extra charges. The members can connect and join many groups at a time.The users exist in the meetup on depending on their idea. Meetup takes revenue charge of US$9.99/month for their basic plan . This includes about 4 organizers and maximum 50 members. These organizers have the privilege to change the appearance and templates for their sites and have some permissions too. The permissions are conducting meetings, assign leaderships, ability to accept RSVPs for an event, Ability to modify the groups, post photo library, create a file repository and post group polls.Meetup is standing on Newyork city now.

  5. Udyomitra

  6. Top 10 Professional Networking Sites in India | Udyomitra
    Udyomitra is one of the top 10 professional networking sites in India.

    Udyomitra is the trending professional network in India. This Gives the ultimate job opportunities for candidates without any cost.
    Udyomitra stands different from all other networking sites with its features including easy to use, free to register and use. Both organizations and Individuals can be registered with Udyomitra. You can promote yourself as a professional. Based on your location and skills, you will be auto connect with companies on your locality. If you are following an experienced professional and applying for his/her companies job post you can make him as a reference. Udyomitra does not allow any fake users or companies to register. So that none of any fake companies or candidates can’t be connected to this network. Udyomitra mainly focuses on boost up the MSME (Micro Small Medium sized enterprises).This site mainly helps to the freshers for build up a successful professional path and provides more benefits to the Companies which are already registered in it. There are the lot of trending features available in free of cost like unlimited job posting, unlimited resume downloads, schedule interviews etc. Udyomitra provides a special feature to make Resume by any candidates within minutes. Udyomitra checks all the candidate’s skill completely when he/she is trying to apply for the job. If the skills are not matching, will not allow to apply for that job and get sure to gift the talented candidates to the company. The udyomitra connect a professional way to the desired person and build an emerging career life.

  7. Xing

  8. Xing is one of the leading professional networks available now. Xing is a career-oriented social networking site or we can say by this is a professional network. This will help the users share their professional idea among from 200 countries. This can assure the languages of french, English, german, Italian etc. The Xing offers professional profile, forums, groups etc. The profile creation is almost of free cost but for connection and chats, it is paid a monthly fee about 6.35 to 9.95 € depends upon of your country. The main competitors are LinkedIn. Xing provides more privacy for their premium members. This member can email to the another member. Xing provides a special Ambassador program for each city of the regions and they are responsible for arranging the local events and programs to make the business goal. Xing is provided the professional ideas among the group and module a good professional and business-oriented groups. Every nation and cities have the Special ambassadors and they are responsible for conducts the meeting and provides the good ideas to enlarge the groups. Xing has an another name is Open Business Club AG. Xing was founded in 2003 august. This was invented in Hamburg. The company becomes public in 2006 December 7.

  9. Viadeo

  10. Viadeo is the one of leading professional n\etworking site. This leads a major role Business world. It is a web 2.0 professional social network site. This professional site has about 65 Million members. These members are the business owners entrepreneurs and managers.The company was founded under the name of Viaduct in 2004 may bu dan serfaty. The name changed to Viadeo in November 2006. The company headquarters situated in Paris. This company has 450 employees on worldwide.This company has a turnover of about $40 million.In august 2015 companies turn to advertise campaign.This professional network has the major role in France. The professionals have the variety of services are provides by this professional network.

  11. Angel List

  12. Angel list is the leading professional network mainly focused on the US now. It is mainly focusing on the startup and new investors to build a successful professional career. is is a professional website help to raise fund for the startup companies to build a successful professional way. The job seekers can also helpful to build the professional career. The company was founded in 2010 by two emerging peoples Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi. The company mainly focusing on startup in the US and now company tries to move on the other countries. Angel list provides an investment syndicates that help to raise money for the startup companies. Now The company raised up of $104 million money online and the platform funded by 243 start-up companies. In 2016 Angel list acquired a product hunt and 2673 investors participated that event. In 2014 Angel list syndicates Invested over $100 M in Us startups. In the stage of February 2015, angel list tries to form a Syndicate on the UK and other Europian countries. There are a lot of start-up companies are turning to use angel list like uber, Urbansitter to seek the investors. The angel list make a major role to make the professional life. Angel list is the ultimate path for the professional life and like an angel for the start-up companies.

  13. Beyond

  14. This is one of the emerging professional networks and helps to connect with professional around the world.This was founded in 1998. This provides a large professional career on worldwide. The Beyond is called by a professional career network. There are a lot of peoples connected with Beyond.There is around 45 Millions of users use this professional network.There are more over 500 active communities available in beyond.This provides a basic free membership and this may require $24.99 per month.There are truth full 1400 sources available now on beyond.The premium member can have the largest accessibility of 200000 job openings available on Beyond.The users can search job openings and company profiles in a wide range.Beyond providing a large variety of job openings worldwide and there are a lot of people now used it increasing.

  15. Branchout

  16. Branch out is the professional networking community now raised up.This has a lot of users now and this comes trending now. These professional networks contain about 800 million of profiles now. It is a complete professional community. This mainly works on facebook like a community. Branch out has 30 million of users in over 200 countries.Branch out helps the people to create their professional bands.The company was founded in 2010 by rick marini. The company was funding $49 million from accel partners, Redpoint Ventures, Mayfield Fund and Norwest Venture Partners. These professional networks work with the help of facebook.The users should need a facebook account and join branch out and it automatically picks up all the information from facebook. after join branchOut, you can update the information additionally on branchOut. This is the help to build up the professional career in an easy way. This site provides a professional showcase for your career life and shares that with your professional friends. Every professional thing we can share with the branchOut friends.

  17. Zerply

  18. Zerply is one leading professional network and this was founded by Christofer Karltorp. This is coming with a new trend in the professional career. The Zerply account can create with the help of twitter or facebook account and get a Zerply permission too. In the first stage, we can go through “who are you” steps and you can give the professional tag of yours. The second stage is “your Backgrounds” this may ask your resume, experience, and educations and this makes better backgrounds on Zerply. The third step is “To top it off” this asks you to connect your professional pages to various web services where people can connect you through twitter, facebook, and other social medias. The final step is that activate profile this is final step and start the professional career with deeply. This gives you a permission to choose a template and suggest new three members also connect with that template.There are different web app appearance for the users to easy to catchup. The main difference of this Zerply differ from others is that mainly focusing on the professional skills and your passion for the profession. The Zerply is now over 120 million members from all over the world.

  19. Makerbase

  20. Makerbase is the leading professional network and stands for professional connection between the users.Makerbase is acting like as a digital library and this consist of digital projects like the app, website or artwork. This provides a good comfort for the professional In this everything is started under the search. Everything in maker base loads under the search on makerbase. The member can search the interesting topics in the search result and can find their favorite project. When you got the project from the search result you can get an option like create this maker or create this project. The user has to get the details of that projects and owners of that project and the other details.Makerbase is user-friendly and helpful for the users. The users can edit or update the information like Wikipedia. If the users have the twitter account we can log into the account and edit the contents.The makerbase is built by Anil Dash and Gina Trapani. This site has the largest support from various companies for exchange like MailChimp, Hover, and Slack etc. Makerbase supports the users for the updating information and creates new projects idea. The company main headquarters are now on Northamptonshire.

Author: Hemand Paul


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  1. Great list, I was looking for professional networking sites for joining. Among the above list, I joined udyomitra. It is completely free and easy to use. Thanks for sharing


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